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About db load balancer and mysql replication

Along with the development of IT industry, ensuring the system can operate continuously and meet growing demand about data access, is a matter which is very interested by enterprises today. rakumo is not hesitate to research and apply the advanced methods and models that provides customers with the most complete and optimal product. DB Load Balancer and Mysql DB Replication is one of solutions that rakumo chooses to consult with customers.


  • What is Load Balancer?
  • The difference between the 4th floor and the 7th floor in Load balancer?
  • Database Server load balancer
  • What is Replication?
  • MySQL replication Model and How it works
  • Implement and configuration: Master-Slave
  • Explain one of the concepts, terms such as: Cluster, Admin tools, Node, Failover, Failback, Quorum resource, Resource, Resource group…
Master-Master replication


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