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Company Trip 2015

As a part of rakumo’s welfare policies, the company trip was hold for employees to relax and de-stress. Destination is Phu Quoc island, where is called the beautiful island of pearls, along with the attractive outdoor activities.

After landing, the guide took us to visit Dinh Cau. Everyone was impressed by the rock with interesting shapes here. In addition, the blue sea and the wind made everyone feel comfortable and joyful.

Leaving Dinh Cau, we come to a beautiful garden, where plants pepper trees- the famous specialty of Phu Quoc. The young employees seemed very interested in the landscape of green pepper under the sun.

Our lunch was the delicious herring dish, another specialty of Phu Quoc. Sliced fresh fish was wrapped in rice paper, eaten with many kinds of vegetables. What made the appeal of this dish is a kind of sauce, which taste sweet and sour.

9pm, we went to sea to catch squids. Because of this new experience, everyone was very excited. Although the results of the trip was not much but this was still a very funny memories.

The 2nd day of the trip, the team activities were organized such as: swimming, tugging, … It was so tired but everyone was eager to participate.

Last night in Phu Quoc, in the GALA Dinner, we listened to General Director reporting on the business operation of the company, and the development orientation in the future.

The 3-days 2-nights trip in Phu Quoc was an unforgettable experience of each rakumo’s employee. Everyone would be more motivated to work and contribute to the company. Let’s looking forward to the next trip!


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