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Quality Seminar

In mid-August company held a meeting with Mr. Huynh who is charged company directors. The content is a general introduction about the company, the vision, the mission of the company in the future.

The discussion told about the Quality. What is Quality? Mr Huynh gave specific examples device of Vietcombank: The machine support for custommer who use Vietcombank’s account. It is very nice and modern, but the problem is that the user feel comfortable and satisfied when used it? It’s the opposite, many people hardly use it and also take more time to ask how to use it.


Everyone has discussion this machine is convenient or not? And not the subject of the meeting is here, Mr Huynh started a seminar attracted. Everyone had useful meetings to better understand the concept of quality in his introduction through the definition of QC & QA.

Quality here including satisfaction in terms of product quality, but also customer satisfaction for the convenience and funny when use. This is the direction that the company will pursue the development process in the future, the goal is always standing on the end user’s position to create the best products not only in quality but also brings customer satisfaction.

To create a more friendly enviroment everybody has shared conception of “Company”, “Why does go to work? “People like a family working together and through which they learn more about each other. It is so easy to work, exchange, support each other. For companies actually operating under rules, the company has taken the specific regulations, Back office’s represented by Ms Quyen answers about the company’s regulations, the insurance, vacation…


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