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rakumo Summer Trip – Nha Trang 2017

Summer has come and rakumo was ready for the new trip. We will have 3 days and 4 nights at Nha Trang – one of the most famous beach cities in Vietnam.

rakumo checked-in at Nha Trang.rakumo checked-in at Nha Trang.

Chong Rock, a beautiful and famous attraction.Chong Rock, a beautiful and famous attraction.

The “AOI” uniform of rakumo is “ton-sur-ton” with the sea and sky color of Nha Trang^^

Let's smile and take a photo.Let’s smile and take a photo.

We love the sunshine, the sea and the wind here.We love the sunshine, the sea and the wind here.

rakumo's Pretty girlsrakumo’s Pretty girls

The indispensable part of our trip was the team building program, all members were participating in. Our laughter echoed across the stretch of white sand.

Team building

Team buildingTeam building

After that, rakumo spent all the next day to explore the island named Vinpearl Land – the famous amusement park.

The impressive uniform named Orange Cyclone.The impressive uniform named “Orange Cyclone”.

An rakumo's girl checked-in at Vinpearl Land.An rakumo’s girl checked-in at Vinpearl Land.

The beautiful scenery of Nha Trang brought us a lot of energy.The beautiful scenery of Nha Trang brought us a lot of energy.

Say goodbye with Nha Trang’s white sands and sunshine, rakumo had loaded enough energy tho back to work. We will be looking forward to another trip next year – “No matter where to go, as long as going together.”


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