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rakumo vs Summer-Cup 2017

“Health is the key to every door,” the ancients said. Having good health, people will live happily and longevity, students will acquire good knowledge, employees will be more productive. So, besides a professional working environment, rakumo also organized our football club for employees to have fun and release stress after work.

In 2013, with the decision to set up the rakumo company, a team with the same name was born.

Over time, the rakumo team grows stronger with the spirit: “happiness – health is the key”.

The club is available for all members of the rakumo family. Conditions of participation is just enthusiasm and passion.


Funded by the company, the club has held the regular training sessions and friendly matches. The schedule is flexible in order to be suitable to the time budget of all members.
For more experience, the club regularly enrolls in some tournaments.

Most recently in September, rakumo Team participated in the Summer Cup of Saigon Cable.

In this tournament, the results of the draw have brought rakumo to strong opponents. The harsh weather is also a major problem for the “Silicon Valley” team.

In order to encourage the players, the Board of Directors has created favorable conditions in time for the employees to join in the cheering up, along with the material and spiritual support.

In the match, the rakumo players were very confident and comfortable. As the slogan, win or lose is not as important as employees’ joy and health.

By the end, rakumo do not promise you an environment without pressure and stress, but we will be with you to overcome them by our laughters and sporting activities.

–rakumo TEAM 2017–


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