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Security seminar

Security seminar

This is one of the seminars organized within the rakumo. The contents was about programming skills, communication with customers and security.

1. Overview of SQL Injection

  • The common errors:
    • Do not check query escape character
    • Improper handling
    • Security error inside the database server
    • Blind SQL injection
    • Change the value of query conditions
  • Types of attack
    • Attacking overcome checking at login
    • Using the SELECT statement
    • Using the INSERT statement
    • Using stored-procedures

2. What is Cross Site Scripting?

  • Example of a Cross Site Scripting attacks
  • How to check a Cross Site Scripting
  • Preventing Cross Site Scripting attacks

The seminar helped the members rakumo learned many interesting experiences, they were very useful in developing products in the field of technology.


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