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Seminar project management and schedule management

1. Project management

Project management is the science that researches on the planning, organization and management. It supervises the development of the project to ensure the deadline within approved budget and assures the quality to achieve specific objectives of the project.
The basic objective of the project management is ensuring deadline and quality within the approved cost and keep the scope of project without any change.


  • About Project management
  • Main functions of Project management
  • Fields of Project management
  • Periods of Project management
  • Forms and Models of Project management
  • Keys of Project management
  • History of Project management
  • Topics of Project management
  • Terminologies of Project management

2. Schedule management

Time and progress management is a procedure of setting up job network, identify time of each job and the whole project, manage implementation of project based on the resources and specified quality requirements.
The purpose of time management is how to complete projects on time within permitted budget and resources, meet the defined requirements for quality.

Time management is the basis for monitoring costs and other resources required for project. In the project environment, time and progress management functions is more importance than in the ordinary business environment because of the complicated and ongoing between jobs, especially in the case that projects must meet a specific deadline by customers.

  • Concept of Schedule management
  • Importance of Schedule management
  • Procedures of Schedule management
  • Schedule Identified
  • Schedule Arrangement
  • Time Estimation
  • Time and Human Resource Identified
  • Schedule Development and Control
  • CPM Method and PERT Diagram Method
  • Skill of shortenning the project schedule


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