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Seminar 18/10/2016 – Japan Business Trip

After two-weeks business trip in Tokyo, Ms Lan had the memorable experiences in the land of rising sun.

The first impression about Japan is briefness and discipline. The streets are very clean. Their traffic is on the left (as opposed to Vietnam), especially when travelling escalators everyone will stand on the left in order to give the right for who want to move quickly.
I travelled from the airport to the booked-by-company apartment completely by train, the instructor welcomed me with warm greetings and thoughtful preparation.

The accommodation was fully equipped and cleaned every day (if required). It took 10 minutes to walk from my apartment to the client’s company. Japanese mostly use public transportation, especially the subway, they also walk very fast.

In Japan, the streets are clean despite there are not many trashes, the air is so fresh and unpolluted. Also a lot of vending machines at almost every street corner.

Vending machines everywhere, so convenient

Japanese food is quite beautifully decorated and very tasty. In addition to working time, I also discovered the famous places in Tokyo.

At Shinjuku

Almost Japanese companies start working at 10: 00 am. I arrived the client’s company before 10am, was introduced to partners and guided friendly.

Japanese works very seriously. I was invited to participate in one workshop. Despite the company also has meeting rooms, but we walked through one street to where was hired as the conference room. They explained that this was good for blood circulation, make people have more interesting comments and ideas.

At work, if you need the help of others, you should go to their desk or in person to ask for help, they will do it for you at that moment….

I learned and gained lots of information from the instructor, the other partners also enthusiastically supported me.

This was a memorable trip in my life.


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